Welcome to My Robotics Web Site
My name is Eric, and I created this web site to share my ideas and designs for the Lego Mindstorms Robotics. I designed my first robots using the RCX with my fourth-grade robotics team. I now have the NXT, and am working on building unique robots of my own design. Please see my Robot Gallery to see all of my creations, or one of the other areas for programming and designs. Thanks for visiting.
This is the extension arm attachment for the first robot I built with my robotics team. We used it in the First Lego League Tournament for a mission. It worked every time, and everyone really liked it. Click below to see it in action.
see robot
My latest robot is the one I built with my team for FLL 2009.
see robot
We just completed the FLL 2009 Tournament, and the robot did not cooperate, so we did not place well, though still had a good time.
2009 FLL Tournament
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